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We are thrilled to unveil the outstanding recipients of our microgrants:

Catch the Replay:
Microgrant Information Session

Our Microgrant information session was held on January 5th at 1pm via Zoom.

In this recording participants will learn about the core purpose of our microgrant program, gain insight into our eligibility requirements and familiarize themselves with our application process. This recording also covers our Q&A segment.


See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) Below

You asked, and we answered. Please see our final answers to these questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the application process include?

You can find the application linked on our EBW website in the ‘Opportunities’ section. Scroll to the bottom, and complete the form to submit your application. The application involves providing details about your organization, outlining how you align with our health service objectives, and indicating your requirement for a community health worker.


By February 5th, applicants will receive an email confirming the approval of their application, if selected. Payment will be available after the event, once the required event tracking form is completed. If selected to be awarded, you must complete the event tracking form and submit the required documents (W9 and Invoice) to receive payment.

Is there a specific budget range for the microgrant?

The microgrant program is up to $1,000. 

May I apply if the health education provided focuses on a holistic approach to health rather than solely on Western medicine?

Elevate Black Wellness embraces holistic health approaches. We may request further details to ensure alignment with our objectives of promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Who is eligible to apply for the microgrant?

To be eligible to apply for the microgrant the organization hosting, should aim to create an event that resonates with and serves the Black community effectively, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experience. These events should align with our program's objective of improving health equity and access to essential health services.

Your event should also maintain a record of the number of people served and their residing zip codes. The aim is to attract at least a group of 25 or a lively crowd of 100+.

Lastly, your event must include at least one health component, such as vaccines, screenings, health education,or referrals. 

When can I submit my application?

The application process will commence on January 2nd and conclude on January 15th. Please ensure that you submit your application within this timeframe to be considered for the microgrant.

Are there charges associated with Community Health Workers?

No, there are no charges to organizations who request a community health worker.

Does the event have to be free or can we have it at a discounted rate?

To be eligible to apply for the microgrant, your event must be free to the community.

Can I apply if my event is virtual?

Yes, virtual events are still acceptable. 

Is this a reimbursement grant?

Yes, this is a reimbursement grant.

Does it have to be solely an event or can it be for the development of materials?

No, if there is no event, it will not qualify.

Is there a window of when this event in-person or online should be happening?

To be eligible to apply for our microgrant, your event should be occurring between February 15th 2024 and May 15th 2024.

Can two organizations working together both apply and be approved for the $1000 each?

No, two  organizations working together on one event will be awarded $1,000 only for that one event.

What if you do not have 25 people attend the event?

Please note that we operate on the honor system. If you're anticipating 25 guests or more, you're eligible to apply. Should fewer than the expected 25 attend, your grant will remain intact. However, we kindly ask that you refrain from applying if you anticipate only a minimal number of attendees.

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