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The History of
Black Wellness Week

Elevate Black Wellness, a groundbreaking organization dedicated to uplifting Black communities in Washington state, is proud to announce the resounding success of the inaugural Black Wellness Week. Held from April 15th through April 19th, 2024, this week-long celebration aimed to promote holistic well-being and health equity for Black Washingtonians, while paying homage to the visionary work of Booker T. Washington.

Inspired by Booker T. Washington's National Negro Health Week, which ran for 35 years and empowered thousands of Black community members through health-focused activities, Black Wellness Week carries forward this legacy of advocacy and awareness. The inaugural Black Wellness Week was officially proclaimed by Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and recognized by numerous cities and counties across the state, including the cities of Bremerton, Des Moines, Everett, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, University Place, Tukwila, and Tacoma, as well as King County and Snohomish County. These proclamations reaffirm Washington state's commitment to addressing the unique health challenges faced by Black communities.

Elevate Black Wellness, co-founded by Keith and Christina Blocker in 2023, has been at the forefront of driving positive change and empowering Black communities to thrive. Through culturally relevant programs, partnerships, and initiatives like Black Wellness Week, the organization strives to dismantle systemic barriers and foster resilience, just as Booker T. Washington did over a century ago.

The success of Black Wellness Week serves as a testament to the tireless efforts of advocates, community organizations, and individuals who have come together to support this transformational movement. By championing holistic well-being and addressing the physical, mental, spiritual, and economic health needs of Black communities, Elevate Black Wellness aims to create a future where every individual, regardless of their background, has access to the resources and support they need to thrive.

As we celebrate the achievement of the inaugural Black Wellness Week, the widespread recognition it has received through official proclamations, and honor the legacy of Booker T. Washington, we recognize that this is just the beginning. Elevate Black Wellness remains committed to its mission of promoting health equity and uplifting Black communities, and we invite individuals and organizations across Washington state to join us in this ongoing effort to create a brighter, healthier future for each one of us.

Black Wellness Week:

Thank you to the following cities and counties for acknowledging this year's inaugural Black Wellness Week:
- City of Bremerton
- City of Des Moines
- City of Everett
- City of Federal Way
- City of Lakewood
- City of Olympia
- City of University Place
- City of Tukwila
- City of Tacoma  
- King County
- Snohomish County

Thank you, Governor Jay Inslee, for  Washington State's Proclamation! 

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