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Elevate Black Wellness is the fastest-growing collective dedicated to uplifting Black well-being in Washington state, with a community of over 24,000 strong. As a trusted messenger, we empower Black individuals and families to thrive by providing culturally relevant resources, support, and advocacy across the interconnected dimensions of physical, mental, spiritual, and economic health. Our mission is to dismantle systemic barriers, foster resilience, and build a brighter future where Black wellness is celebrated as a fundamental right through prevention, engagement, and collaboration. We are committed to creating lasting change and to ensure our community has the opportunity to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

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Inaugural Black Wellness Week Aims to Reduce Health Disparities

State launches Black Health Week Initiative

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EBW Founders' Headshots & Bios

EBW Logo Files

EBW Founders' Headshots & Bios

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EBW Logo Files

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Press Releases and Articles from the Elevate Black Wellness Team

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